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Not such a great fishing day yesterday, hopefully today will be better!

High tide is at 6:21AM & 6:28PM

Low tide is at 12:06AM & 12:26PM

It's 55 degrees now but the high is 77 with 0% chance of rain

"One of the great qualities of fishing is that it is non-competitive." -John Artherton

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Another great night of spot fishing, it slowed down a little around 4AM, but hopefully will pick up again with the changing of the tide.

High tide is at 5:39AM & 56:46PM

Low tide is at 11:42AM

It is a cool 43 degrees right now, but the high for today is 73 with 0% chance of rain.

"The hasty angler loses the fish." -Figherman's saying

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Another all night at the pier, the spots arrived yesterday a little after 5 pm.  We had a good crowd over night and lots of full coolers this morning.

The hi today is going to be 68 with winds N 9 mph with gust 16 mph.

Yesterday's catch: Spot & Whiting.

Good things come to those who wait.

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Yesterday's catch: Spot, Whiting, Flounder, Black Drum, Spanish & Spade.

High tide: 4:06 am, 4:15 pm, Low tide: 10:04 am, 10:48 pm.

High today 79, winds W 8 mph.

Fishermen are surrounded by the beauty of nature, they experience the thrill of the catch, and they enjoy the companionship of fellow anglers. Even when the catch-net is empty, fishing is its own reward.

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