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Fishing has slowed down since the weekend but they are still catching some here and there - Spots, Whiting, Flounder & Pompano yesterday

High tide is at 12:47AM & 1:33PM

Low tide is at 6:50AM & 7:43PM

It will be 82 partly cloudy with 0% chance of rain! ENJOY IT!!!! The water is a cool 75 degrees this morning

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Yesterday wasn't as good of a day for spot fishing, a few big red drum were caught though! Along with some blue and flounder..

High tide is at 12:33PM

Low tide is at 5:54AM & 6:42PM

Today's high is 81 with 0% chance of rain (ENJOY IT!!)

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Another good day of spot fishing yesterday as well as Whiting and Black drum!!

High tide is at 11:35AM & 11:47PM

Low tide is at 5:06AM & 5:48PM

Today's high is 77 with 60% chance of rain & the water is 75 degrees!

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Massey Crew caught 200 spots yesterday & cleaned 120 in only 50 mins!! Now that's an assembly line!

massey spots 9-28-14
Nick Pfeiffer caught a 40" Red Drum yesterday!nick pfeiffer 2


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al red drum 9-27-14
Al Stumblingbear Red Drum 40in 9-27-14




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