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Today's high tide is at 8:06AM & 8:11PM...............Low tide is at 2:10AM & 2:09PM...............Today's high is 94 with PM showers with a heat index of 105 & the water is 84 degrees................."Nature is a gentle guide" -Montaigne

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Hi today 91...feels like 102!!  Winds SW 10 mph, water temperature 83.8.

Caught yesterday: Spot, Whiting, Flounder, Black Drum, Spotted Trout, Spade & Croaker.

The pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; the optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. ~Lawrence Pearsall Jacks~

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High tide: 6:49 am, 7:03 pm, Low tide: 12:54 am, 12:48 pm. Hi today 87, winds SSW 8 mph.

Throw the little ones back. ~Fisherman's Saying~

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High tide: 6:06 am, 6:25 pm, Low tide: 12:13 am, 12:05 pm. Hi today 86, winds S 5 mph, water temperature 83.2.

All human power is a cmpound of time and patience. ~Honore De Balzac~

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High tide: 5:18 am, 5:43 pm, Low tide: 11:20 am, ----- pm. Hi today 89, winds 10 mph SSW, water temperature: 83.2.

No man is born an Artist nor an Angler. ~Izaak Walton~




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