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We will be opening this Sat. at 9am.  If you have already sent in your money for a Fishing Pass, you will need to come in to pick it up, however, you do not need to RUSH.  We will keep it here until you want to come for a fishing or parking day.  We are not doing mailings this year of the Fishing Passes since there is a form that needs to be signed upon pick up. 


If you have not sent in your money, please come by as soon as possible to get your pass.  The cost of $175 is the same as the last few years.  If you are out of town, please call me on Monday to get mailing information to send in a check for your pass. 


If you won the Parking Lottery and sent a check and a self-addressed envelope, please give it a few days before calling.  Your passes are being put in the mail.  If you did not win the lottery, we do not have any more "parking only" passes available.  The only option is to

purchase Fishing/Parking Combo for $175.  This is only $50 more than the Park Only Pass and the person whoes name is on the pass can fish each day and bring 2 rods and use the bathroom any time.  It is not a "family" pass to get on the pier, but the parking can be used by family and friends.


Looking forward to seeing you all and having a GREAT year!






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