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Air Temp   78

High Today   84

Water Temp   81

Winds   SW   10/15

High Tide   12:51AM   1:22PM

Low Tide   6:58AM    7:49PM

.Yesterday's Fishing Report : We caught spot, whiting, blues, black drum, grey trout, croaker, pompano and shark

" There is a rhythm to an angler's life and a rhythm to his year." Nick Lyons

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High TIde     -----         12:31pm

Low Tide      6:04am    6:43pm

Air Temp     80

Water Temp    81

HIgh Today      85

Winds     SW  21 knots





"When you are on the river, ocean or in the woods, you are the closest to the truth you'll ever get."         

                                                                                                            Jack Leonard

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Current  Temp 77

High Temp 87

Wind WSW 8 Gust 10 to 15

Water Temp 80

High Tide 10:36am 11:02pm

Low Tide 4:22am 4:43pm

Folks please let us know if you catch fish we do not have listed.

Yesterday  Croaker, Pompano, SPOTS+ ( several lucky enough to catch a cooler full), Whiting+, Blues, Flounder, Black Drum+, Red Drum, Speckled Trout+, Shark and other(lady fish ,etc) were caught.  Please remember we often have a night bite as until 1:00AM.


Happy Birthday to Gary Massey who all he wanted for his birthday was to fish on Sunset Pier.

"Bait the hook well; this fish will bite."  William Shakespeare

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Air Temp   75

High Today  85

Water Temp   79.8

Winds   SW   10/15mph

High Tide   9:33AM   10:02PM

Low Tide   3:30AM   3:47PM

Yesterday's Fishing Report : Good day for spots.We caught spot, whiting, blues, black drum, red drum, spotted trout, pompano and shark.

" The seas are the heart's blood of the earth." Henry Beston

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Current  Temp  76

High Temp  81

Water Temp 80

Wind  SSW 3

High Tide 8:33am  9:04pm

Low Tide 2:38 am 2:51pm

Good Fishing Yesterday!! We had Speckled  Trout , Spots, Whiting, Blues, Flounder, Red Drum, and Sharks. Take a Kid Fishing you may be suprised what  YOU learn.

"Never cut what you can untie" Joseph Joubert



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