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Yesterday's Fishing Report : We caught spot, blues, flounder, spotted trout, spanish and shark.

Air Temp   68

High Today   82

Water Temp   76.7

Winds   SSE   7/13mph

High Tide   1:24AM   1:58PM

Low Tide   7:38AM   8:14PM

" Four-fifths of the earth's surface is covered with water, but only five percent of that is good fishing." Geoffrey Norman

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Current Temp 64

High Temp 82

Water Temp 70.7

Wind NE

High Tide 12:26am  1:02pm

Low Tide 6:40am  7:06pm

Fish Caught yesterday; Spanish (some two at a time and 18+" long ) Pompano, Spots (some were lucky enough to get coolers full), Spades, Whiting (good size),Croaker, Blues(some large), Flounder,Black Drum,Grey Trout, Shark, other-pinfish, ladyfish.....sheepshead could be seen from pier none caught no one had fiddlers and reports of sea turtles near the pier.

Shrimp boats in sight of the pier last couple of days.

"Remember that angling is an art, and an art worthy the knowledge and practice of a wise man."Izaak Walton


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Current Temp 64

High Temp 81

Wind S SE 5 to 10mph    Currently calm

Water Temp 72.5

High Tide  11:59am  ----pm

Low Tide   5:44am 6:00pm

Now...Open 6:00am until 1:00am!!

FISH ON!!!! Day and Evening Bite was Good Yesterday....Spanish,Pompano,Flounder,Croaker,Black Drum,Spot,Whiting,Blue,and Sharks were all caught. Now for sale live bait Blood worms, Red worms,Mud minnows, and Mullet minows.

"Lord, suffer me to catch a fish so large that even I in talking of it never need to lie." Suggested Motto: Herbert Hoover's Fishing Lodge 

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Current Temp 64

High Temp 80

Winds S  5mph Gust to 12

Water Temp 72

High Tide   10:52am 11:24pm

Low Tide   4:50am 5:04pm

Spots were here yesterday! The bite was also good for Whiting, Blues, Black drum, Red drum, Croaker and Sharks.The water temp has been great and the humidity Low making for great fishing weather.

Thanks to all our friends that visited this weekend! We do appreciate your business and want to Thank You for being here.

"If Fishing interferes with your business, give up your business." Sparse Grey Hackle


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Current Temp 60

High Temp 79

High Tide 9:47am 10:22pm

Low Tide 3:56am 4:06pm

Wind E NE 5 to 10mph

Water 71.5

Fish were caught this weekend; Cobia,Spots, Whiting, Blues, Black Drum,Red Drum,and Shark.

"Fishing is more than fish; it is vitalizing lure to outdoor life." Herbert Hoover



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