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Current Temp 59 High Temp 76 Water Temp 74.3 Wind NNE 12 mph High Tide 4:25am 4:38pm Low Tide 10:37am 11:16am Sundays Fishing Report ...Spots, whiting, blues, flounder, red drum, speckled trout, pompano, jacks, croackers, and shark....Note: we had one fisherman(Harry) catch 8 Spanish on Saturday (all were legal size and were thrown back)...Sunday we had several(3or more) keeper Flounder caught...also Thursday and Friday we had 39inch and 40inch Red Drum caught see(Rocky's) picture on the board at pier...If you know of other good catches that we have missed please feel free to let us know... "Find the journey's end in every step." Ralph Waldo Emerson quoted in The Fisherman's Book of Wisdom..
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Current Temp 58

High Today 76

Water Temp 74.7

Winds NNE 7/13mph

High Tide 3:33AM 3:48PM

Low Tide 9:43AM 10:32PM

Yesterday's Fishing Report: We caught spot, whiting, blues, flounder, black drum, spotted trout, Spanish, pompano, spade, croaker and shark.

"So frequent the casts.So seldom a strike."Arnold Gingrich
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Current Temp 63 High Temp 77 Water Temp 75.1 Wind E 14mph High Tide 2:41am 2:58pm Low Tide 8:40am 9:40pm Friday we caught Spots, Whiting, Blues, Black Drum, Croacker. "Pride is surely the most unbecoming of all vices in a fisherman." Henry Van Dyke We have a flower hanging on the gate here at the pier in honor of Clarence Ganus "COACH"... Our sympathy goes out to the family of Clarence Ganus "COACH" from Whiteville ,NC in his passing Thursday. We will miss COACH.
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Current Temp 59 High Temp 77 Water Temp 75.9 Wind NNE 14mph gust 18 to 20 High Tide 1:50am 2:09pm Low Tide 7:34am 8:37pm Thursday we caught Spots (a few), whiting, blues, flounder, red drum, pompano, spade, cobia. Water temps are dropping and winds are out of the NNE....we are still waiting for the spots to run. "Casting is not the end of learning. In fact, it is only the beginning." Geoffrey Norman
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Current Temp 63 High Temp 73 Water Temp 76.1 Wind NNE 14mph gust16 High Tide 12:59am 1:19pm Low Tide 6:39am 7:30pm Wednesday we caught Spots ( a few), whiting, blues, red drum, black drum, mullet(lots), jacks, speckled trout, Spanish, spades, and King. We had a decent morning bite on Wednesday. This morning we have had shrimp boats off the pier.


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