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Yesterday's Fishing Report: We caught spot,whiting,blues,flounder,black drum,red drum, spanish,pompano and croaker.


Today's Weather: Some sunshine early givimg way to clouds with a shower in places.


Air temp:70

High today:77

Water temp:77.6

Winds:N 4mph  Gust 7mph

High tide: 8:02am  8:25pm

Low Tide  1:53am 2:27pm


While cleaning his catch at a public cleaning table,a successful fisherman was asked for the 4th time"Hey man, where did you catch those"?Annoyed, the fisherman turned and said:Right in the mouth"!




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Yesterday's Fishing Report:  We caught Spot, Whitingm Flounder, Black drum, Red drum, Spotted trout, Grey Trout, and Croaker


In the last couple of days two Black drum have been caught weighing in at 8lbs 13 oz and 6lbs 4oz.


Air Temp     71

High today     82

Water temp (Sunset buoy)   77

Winds   SW 5-10mph


High tide   7:23am      7:47pm

Low tide     1:14am   1:46pm



Some fisherman see no fish and foolishly believe that the river is empty.

                                                                                                                            Henry Van Dyke

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Yesterday's Fishinjg Report : We caught spot, whiting, blues, flounder, black drum, red drum, spotted trout, spanish, pompano, spade, croaker and mullet.

Air Temp   64

High Today   84

Water temp   77.4

Winds   SW   5/10mph\

High Tide   6:40AM   7:05PM

Low Tide  12:32AM   1:01PM

" When, I wonder, are folks going to learn that it is a dangerous thing to attempt to lay down hard and fast rules about fishing?" John Alden Knight

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Yesterday's Fishing Report : We caught  spot, whiting, flounder, black drum and re drum.

Air Temp  ...58


High Today  83

Water Temp   77.1(Sunset Buoy)

Winds   WSW   5/10mph

High Tide   5:51AM   6:19PM

Low Tide   ------AM   12:13PM

" To be a successful angler, one must have a good knowledge of fish, for to understand the quarry is to defeat him." Tiny Bennett


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Yesterday's Fishing Report : We caught spot, whiting, blues, flounder, black drum and croaker.

Air Temp   56

High Today  82

Water temp  77.1(Sunset Buoy)]\

Winds  SSE   5/10mph

High TGide  4:56AM   5:27PM

Low Tide   11:23AM   11:48PM

" Angling may be said to be like mathematics in that it can never be fully learned."Izaac Walton



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