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Yesterday's Fishing Report : We caught spot, whiting, spotted trout, grey trout, pompano, spade and shark.

Air Temp   74

Hight Today   89

Water Temp   86.7

Winds   W  5/10mph

High Tide   6:18AM   6:55PM

Low Tide   12:26AM   12:36PM

" One of the great qualities of fishing is that it is non-competitive." John Atherton

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Yesterday's Fishing Report : We caught spot, whiting, flounder, black drum, grey trout, spanish, pompano and shark.

Air Temp   75

High Today   84

Water Temp   87.6

Winds   SSE   5/10mph

High Tide   5:15AM   5:58PM

Low Tide   11:40AM   _____PM

" Fishing is molre than fish: it is the vitalizing lure to outdoor life." Herbert Hoover

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Yesterday ~ The fish were biting! We caught spot, whiting, blue, speckled trout, grey trout, red drum, black drum, pompano, spade, jack and shark.


      High:    4:11 AM     4:58 PM

       Low:  10:42 AM  11:30 PM


        Air:  Currently: 76*    High today:    90*

  Water:   Wilmington,   88*   Charleston,  86.5*

Winds:   SSW at 5 - 10 mph


"Fishing provides that connection with the whole living world. It gives you the opportunity of being totally immersed, turning back into yourself in a good way. A form of meditation, some form of communion with levels of yourself that are deeper than the ordinary self."
~~~ Ted Hughes

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Good Morning Sunset Beach
Yesterday ~ We caught spot, whiting, black drum, speckled trout, pompano and shark.


    High:  3:07 AM    3:58 PM

     Low:  9:39 AM  10:31 PM


        Air:   Currently: 77*

                        High:  90*

       Water: 88.3* out of Wilmington; 86.5* out of Charleston

Winds:  SW at 5 - 10 mph

"In its deepest self, fishing is the most solitary sport, for at its best it is all between you and the fish."  ~~ Arnold Gingrich

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"It's gonna be a hot one," so sayeth the wise fisherman this morning.

Yesterday ~ We caught spot, whiting, blue, jack, and speckled trout.


   HIGH   2:07 AM  2:59 PM

    LOW   8:30 AM  9:26 PM


        Air:    Currently  81*   High  96* (Heat advisory in effect)

        Water:  88.2* out of Wilmington   86.2* out of Charleston

Winds SW at 10 - 15 mph

"Be content: The sea hath enough fish."  ~~ Thomas Fuller



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