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Jane said...
Ms. Glass, I wanted to respond to your comment on the Sunset Beach Pier Blog. The Sunset Pier has a 4 x 6 foot sign that has bold red lettering that says "PAID PARKING ONLY" as a heading and it also shows that Season Parking is March 1 thru Nov. 30 and that we will boot tires with a $50 removal fee and towing enforced. Our "season" starts when we open in March, not when Summer arrives. We also have a sign above it that says that "IF NO ATTENDANT PAY AT PIER" that also states that "VIOLATORS WILL BE BOOTED OR TOWED AT OWNER'S RISK AND EXPENSE". This sign is right as you drive into the parking lot and you have to go by it to enter. We only charged you $25 as a courtesy since this was your first violation. We are very sorry that you did not read the sign fully, but it is the largest sign that the Town of Sunset Beach will allow us to have. Every day we have people come up to the pier to pay for their parking because they did read the sign. We do want locals and tourists at the pier and Sunset Beach, but we do have to protect our "private" lot so that our "SEASON PASS HOLDERS",who have paid a yearly fee, will have a place to park.
April 30, 2014 2:16 PM
Lisa Glass said...
I have lived in the Sunset Beach Area for about 5yrs. My family and I had some bad experiences when we vacationed here some years back, so when we moved here we have always went to OIB. Sunset is closer to our home so I thought I would give a chance this year. So on 4/25 my 77 year old mother and I decided to go to the beach, we got ready and drove to the pier where we pulled in to a handicap parking space (placard in place) and proceeded to the beach. Much to my surprise the beach was in great shape and we really enjoyed it. When we got ready to leave, is when it went bad. My car had a boot on it with a big red note saying how I was parked illegally, really !!!!! It is APRIL 25th people . i.e.: off season. So I proceeded to the pier to talk to someone and I was greeted by a lady who personifies the sunset beach idealists: ( the same idiots that cost the state millions by fighting the new bridge in favor of the rust bucket that used to be there) She proceeded to explain there is a sign when you pull in indicating you have to pay for the parking at the pier. 1 sign 2 ft. by 4 ft. at best in small print, with no attendant!!! When I explained (very nicely and calmly) to the Lady that I was a local and had never paid for parking in the offseason anywhere she simply says our sign states this and this is our policy. So I was forced to pay 25.00 DOLLARS to have their boot removed fro my car. Of course it had to be paid in CASH!!!!! I wonder why.....Huh maybe a call to the local IRS office or state revenue office is in order. I know its a private business but the attitude is everywhere out there and it reflects horribly on the town. I will never visit Sunset again I will go to OCEAN ISLE BEACH where they want tourist and locals alike and also have lots of beach access for easy parking and much more friendly merchants. I know its a private business but the attitude is everywhere out there and it reflects horribly on the town. GO TO OCEAN ISLE BEACH PEOPLE!!!!
April 26, 2014 8:45 AM
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