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Rain out yesterday


48 degrees high of 57

wind 15 NNE


Water Temp. 58.6


High Tide 8:52 am and 9:12 pm

Low Tide 2:36 am and 3:20 pm


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Water Temp 59.5

Air Temp 44, High 51


Winds 12 MPH NNE



High Tide 7:59am 8:15pm

Low Tide  1:43am 2:27pm



Surely one of the richest bounties of angling is to grow deeply intimate with the inner life of the world of nature, and in so doing, to come closer to your deepest self.  Nick Lyons

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We will close for the season at the end of business on Wed., Nov. 21st and reopen on Sat. March 2, 2013.  The blog will stop until that time, but you will still be able to view our web cam.


If you are a Season Fishing/Park combo pass holder, you will receive a Christmas Card telling you what to do to insure you pass for next year.  The mailing envelope will have the return address for your check.


If you would like to purchase a Season Fishing/Park combo pass, and did not have on previously, we will begin selling what we have left on March 2nd.  That day it will be very busy, so you may want to wait until the first of the next week. 


If you are interested in Parking "only", that is done by lottery and you will receive and email or phone call sometime in early Jan thru the middle of Feb.  Please check your spam files to insure that your email was not thrown into there.  You will have 10 days to send in your check, or we move on to the next person on the list.


Thank you for a great year and see you in March.


See our regular Daily Blog posting below.


Jane Pipes

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We caught a couple of nice size Black Drum, a few whiting and a few spots.


Air Temp 46.6, High 58


Winds 15.7 knots NNE


Water Temp 60.5


High Tide  7;08am 7:22pm

Low Tide 12:51am 1:35pm


I am an optimist.  It does not seem too much use being anything else.  Winston Churchill

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High Tide 6:17am 6:31pm

Low Tide   ---         12.41pm


Temp 60  High 63

Water Temp 61.1


Wind SE 4.4 knots


Catch no more fish than you can salt.  Fisherman's Saying




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