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Another beautiful day, a bit chilly.  Autumn may actually get here!

Yesterday was a slow day for catching fish but a good day to be outside.

                     SPOT, WHITING & BLACK DRUM

High tide: 1:40 am, 2:17 pm. Low tide: 7:45 am, 8:30 pm.

Hi today 67 partly sunny & nice, winds NNE 7 mph.

Sometimes when the water is quiet you can almost hear the fish laughing at you!

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Testing blog.

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Another slow day of fishing has past us....some whiting, blue, flounder and pompano were caught, but not very many.

High tide is at 12:14PM

Low tide is at 5:39AM & 6:36PM

Another hot day ahead...high of 82 today with 0% chance of rain...enjoy these last few warm days we have...because we all know winter is going to sneak up on us!!

"Some anglers catch their best fish by the tale." -Fisherman's saying


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Are there any fish left out there?! A few whiting and blue were caught early yesterday morning...and some whiting, flounder and red drum were caught last night...a whole lot of nothing was caught yesterday during the day!

High tide is at 11:14AM & 11:31PM

Low tide is at 4:48AM & 5:33PM

Today is going to be 80 again! 0% chance of rain & there is a SSW wind right now..but we all know how suddenly that can change though!

"The fish is not so much your quarry as your partner." -Arnold Gingrich

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A few fish were caught early yesterday including spot, whiting, blue, flounder, black drum and croaker...overall the rest of the day was slow though.

High tide is at 10:21AM & 10:34PM

Low tide is at 4:01AM & 4:44PM

Although 51 degrees this morning, the high for today is 80! with 0% chance of this October? or July? We'll take all the sunshine we can get!

"I now believe that fishing is far more important than the fish." -Arnold Gingrich



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