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Current Temp 59 High Temp 78 Water Temp 76.7 Wind NE 12mph gust 14mph High Tide 12:06am 12:27pm Low Tide 5:51am 6:36pm Tuesday's catch was Spots(a few), Whiting, Blues, Flounder, Black Drum, Croacker, Pompano, Sheepshead, Mullet, and Sharks. We did have an hour or so yesterday morning when the spots were biting ..NOT a run.. it was just a good morning bite. "If you want to catch a fish, you better be fishing in the right pond." Old fisherman's saying
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Current Temp 58

High Today 76

Water Temp 77.3

Winds E 6/11mph

High Tide 11:34AM ---PM

Low Tide 5:08AM 5:49PM

Yesterday's Fishing Report: We caught spot, whiting, blues, spotted trout, flounder, pompano and shark.

"As the angler looks back, he thinks less of individual captures and days than of the scenes in which he fished."Lord Gray of Fallondon
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Current Temp 60 High Temp 77 Water Temp 77.6 Wind NNE 9mph gust 10-12mph High Tide 10:43am 11:13pm Low Tide 4:27am 5:06pm Fish caught on Sunday were Spots, Whiting, Blues, Pompano, Croacker, and Shark. "Your outfit maybe elaborate, or it maybe a cane pole. Fortunately, the size of your kit is no indication of the pleasure you derive." Jack Randolph The Fisherman's Book of Wisdom
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Current Temp 74

High Today 78

Water Temp 78.6

Winds NNW 8/13mph

High Tide 9:55AM 10:23Pm

Low Tide 3:47AM 4:23PM

Yesterday's Fishing Report:We caught spot, whiting, blues, flounder, Spanish, pompano, jack, cobia, croaker and shark.

" I don't want to sit at the head of the table anymore.I wqant to go fishing." George Bush
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Current Temp 66 High Temp 81 Wind WSW current calm 5mph gust10mph Water Temp 78.7 High Tide 9:12am 9:37pm Low Tide 3:06am 3:40pm Fishing report for Friday: Spots (had a hour of catching in evening) whiting, blues, flounder, red drum, sharks,and croacker. "So remember: If the fish aren't biting, let them not bite. But keep fishing. The next cast may hook the big one." The Fisherman's Book of Wisdom


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