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Current Temp 71 High Temp 84 Winds NE 9mph Water Temp 80.9 High Tide 11:05am 11:32pm Low Tide 5:18am 4:53pm Fish caught on Thursday were Speckled Trout, Spots, Whiting, Blues, Flounder, Spade, and Shark. "You won't catch every fish you try for, but don't let that discourage you, because the best fisherman who ever lived can't do it either." H.G. Tapply
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Current Temp 71 High Temp 86 Wind N 3mph Water Temp 80.9 High Tide 10:08am 10:36pm Low Tide 4:05am 4:26pm Fish Caught today Spotted Trout, Whiting, Blue. Wednesday catch was Spots, Whiting, Blue, Flounder, Pompano, Jack, and Shark. "The secret of successful angling depends on learning the kind of water the fish prefer, and then concentrating on it." Ted Trueblood
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Current Temp 75 High Temp 89 Water Temp 80 Wind SW calm 5 to 10mph High Tide 9:14am 9:42pm Low Tide 3:17am 3:34pm Spots, Whiting, Blue, Pompano, Flounder, and Sharks were caught yesterday. "Love of nature is a common language that can transcend political and social boundaries." Jimmy Carter Sorry for any inconvenience we may have caused by not having our blog available to you. We now have our new computer and programs up and running.
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Yeah !! We're back.Sorry for being gone for a week.New computer and programming. Air Temp 76 High Today 87 Water Temp 80.2 Winds SW 10/17mph High Tide 8:21AM 8:51PM Low Tide 2:26AM 2:40PM Yesterday we caught : spots, whiting, blues, jack and shark. " I marvel how the fishes live in the sea." William Shakespeare
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Current Temp 73

High Temp 88

Water Temp 82.5

Wind N NE 4mph

High Tide 1:23am 2:14pm

Low Tide 7:36am 8:26pm

Spots, Whiting,Croaker, and Sharks were all caught on Monday.


"When the Creator made all things, He first made the fishes in the Big Water."  American Indian Legend

Please share the info about the fish you catch on the pier  with us.




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